Given Southern Vermont's landscape, it is fundamentally necessary for a Technical Rescue Team to be available.  It is unfortunate fact that a beautiful day of kayaking, hiking or ice fishing can turn for the worse in a matter of minutes.  Our team of dedicated volunteers are activated whenever an incident may require our specialized training. 

There are many situations that require specialized training and equipment to conduct rescues.  Our team of skilled individuals is able to safely and securely navigate rough terrain to address any difficult rescue needs or remote and dangerous situations, such as a mountainside, moving water, or otherwise compromised due to weather or accessibility. 

The Southern Vermont Technical Rescue Team is a regional organization composed of First Responders, EMTs, AEMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters from the towns of Brattleboro, Putney, Grafton, and Jamaica. These individuals are involved in training for specific Technical Rescue Disciplines:

High Angle and Below Grade Rescues
Swift Water Rescues
Search and Rescues
Surface Water and Ice Rescues
Confined Space Rescues
Tower Rescues
Vehicle Extrication

Equipment and personnel are distributed in key areas throughout Windham County improving response time. Our team trains monthly with different equipment and rescue scenarios. Training consists of classroom and physical hand on drills such as boat operation and map and compass skills.

For more information about Rescue's Technical Rescue operations, please contact:

Drew Hazelton, Paramedic
Chief, Rescue Inc.
(802) 257-7679

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