Rescue Inc. is truly a community based, full service agency providing emergency medical care and transportation, specialized rescue services, injury prevention, and transfer of patients between hospitals for specialized care. Rescue Inc also provides training to our community and to other professional providers of emergency services. The agency provides service to thirteen Vermont and two New Hampshire communities over a territory of nearly 500 square miles.


The agency balances its personnel resources to provide two appropriate levels of care on a continual basis.

The primary levels of care are:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS): Emergency Medical Technician Basics providing skills such as bandaging, splinting, oxygen, defibrillation, and CPR.
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS): Emergency Medical Technician Intermediates and Paramedics providing such skills as inserting breathing tubes, establishing intravenous access, administering medications, and acquiring electrocardiograms.

Rescue Inc. through a triage matrix automatically dispatches paramedic capabilities to the following incidents; altered level of consciousness (non diabetic), cardiac arrest, stroke, chest pain, difficulty breathing, multi system trauma, seizures, and unknown circumstances.

A major goal of the agency in calendar year 2007 was to upgrade all of its paramedic personnel to critical care paramedic status. In conjunction with this upgrade, new technologies involving Continuous Positive Airway Pressure regulators (CPAP), multiple channel intravenous infusion pumps, automated transport ventilators (ATV), and adult intraossesus needle devices were introduced.

The agency receives direction from a board certified physician acting in the capacity of medical director. Quality assurance and customer service are taken very seriously. Agency protocols and processes are reviewed on a constant basis to assure that the best quality care remains in place.

The agency maintains an internal training center to provide cost effective ongoing continuing medical education to its staff and surrounding first response agencies.

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