This page is for you, our patients.

We realize that we live in a world where it is not easy to be on the patient side of healthcare.  There is a lot that can feel overwhelming, especially after experiencing an emergency. 

We created this page to provide answers to some frequently asked questions.  These pages explain our privacy policy, your rights as a patient, and how we can help you navigate your medical bill.

As always, you are welcome to call us at 802-257-7679 and ask to speak with our administrative staff who will answer your questions.



Subscription: Even if you’re in good health, an unexpected illness or injury could require you to need an ambulance. We understand that with or without health insurance, medical care is expensive.  We want to help.  One way Rescue Inc can offset the cost to you is through our annual subscription program. 

Our subscribers are granted up to three (3) medically necessary, emergency ambulance transports to the nearest emergency room (Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Grace Cottage Hospital, or Cheshire Medical Center).  In addition, subscribers are also covered for up to three (3) medically necessary, non-emergency ambulance transports to local healthcare facilities.  One of these transports can even be a long distance transfer of up to 70 miles, if you need care at a specialty hospital such as Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center or Baystate Medical Center. 

This is Rescues' way of offering you peace of mind that, if and when you need an ambulance, you won't have the additional worry of paying out-of-pocket for our services. 

See our subscription page for complete details.

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The act that says where and what-for your protected health information may be used for without your consent, and what uses require your consent.

See our HIPPA page for our privacy policy in detail and learn how HIPPA applies to you.


Medical Record:  Your medical record contains all of the medical information we as an agency have gathered throughout your treatment.  It includes our documentation of your emergency, any medical care that was rendered, and your protected health information.  We are legally required to maintain our patients records for a certain amount of time.

See our patient rights page to learn more about your medical record.


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