Paramedics have the ability to initiate and continue advanced lifesaving skills and medications in the pre-hopsital setting.  They are trained at the college level for over 1000 hours in addition to their basic training and and must pass a standardized national exam that evaluates both knowledge and skills.  
Our Paramedics are essential to our service.

Our Paramedics


Sally Brunton

Mark Considine

Jason Edson

Jeffrey Frizzell

Chris Goodhind

Drew Hazelton

Christine Hume

Kyle Lapointe

Becca Lapointe

Riley Liptak

Liz Martinek

Thorin MacArthur

Jeremy Morris

Nick North

Karen Rancourt

Greg Seymour

Sarah Shermeta

Isaac Smith

Justen Stevenson

Laura Stroble


Amit Yarkoni

Andrew Seamans


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