Advanced Emergency Medical Technician's have the ability to initiate and continue advanced lifesaving skills and medications in the pre-hopsital setting.  They are trained at the college level for over 320 hours in addition to their basic training and must pass a standardized national exam that evaluates both knowledge and skills. 

Our Advanced EMTs are a vital part of our service.



Our Advanced EMTs

Todd Perry

Bernie Cote

Lisa Barry

Chris Finnell

Scott Miner

Brittany Miner

Emily Stone

Casey Gould

Bjorn Blakeson

Eric Emerson

Sherry Cobb

Matt Daskal

Michael Heiden

Amie Leavitt

Michael Shedd

Robert Holden

Yari McKeon

Jason Matuzewski

Heather Pichette

Brian Shermeta

 Emma Graham

Eric Wilson

Niels Thomsen


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