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Rescue Inc. is a widely respected leader in the field of rural emergency medicine. We have earned our reputation by providing state of the art care to our community, one patient at a time, for over 40 years.

Photograph by Emily Hale 07/10/14

Important Information/Links:

Donate - At Rescue Inc. it is critical that when you call 911, you receive the very best care delivered with the finest equipment. This coming year, with your continued generous support, we hope to raise $60,000 to upgrade two more of our cardiac monitor/defibrillators. These units are critical for treating heart attacks and other cardiac issues - the primary reason for 911 calls in our region. You are the heart of Rescue. Please consider a donation for this year's goal of $60,000 and help us achieve a heart-safe community. To donate on line via PayPal click here.

Community Education Programs - Rescue Inc. offers a number of educational opportunities to individuals and businesses including CPR and First Aid courses as well as educational programs for individuals who wish to explore EMS as a volunteer/professional. Further information and a calendar of scheduled courses can be found at the Rescue Inc. Training Center pages. There you may also get information on a full offering of EMS and CPR classes.

Current Federal 990 Filing - The most current financial information as required by the Federal Government. Please click here for the primary filing page.

Billing Questions, Concerns, and Assistance - Direct contact information for billing inquiries and a basic list of the most common billing situations that are often encountered. Billing assistance information.

Subscription Membership Benefit Program -  The 2015/2016 subscription information will be available shortly. When the information is ready it will be posted.

Application for Reduction in Assessed Charges - Rescue Inc. recognizes the fact that the cost of service can sometimes be a hardship on our patients and has, therefore, developed a sliding scale fee reduction schedule for those who are in need of financial assistance.  Click here to download the information and application form. If you have additional questions after reviewing, contact the office staff at the phone number above.


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